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To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han

This book guys! This book!

I absolutely loved this book in almost every way! It did take me almost a week to read it, but that wasn't the book's fault.  I'm glad it took me longer, because with the way my week has turned out, I could relate to this book in so many ways!

I've never read any of Jenny Han's previous works, but after reading this I am so ready to check them all out.

I am already so excited for the sequel which is being released in 2015??

Peter was just so funny and I loved him the entire time!  I'm rooting for him!

Kitty was extremely bratty at times, which annoyed me to no end.  I guess it must be because my parents were always strict when it came to how I acted.  Tantrums were unheard of in my house, so I just can't see how anyone would put up with that.  I guess some people do...?

As well Margot was the same way.  But I could see why she was the way she was, having to raise her younger sisters and all.

Laura Jean was just an amazing main character in my mind.  Yeah, she was kind of bratty too, and a bit self centered at times, but I was strangely okay with that... even though I wasn't okay with Kitty being that way...?

I love the character development that occurs the entire way through this story, with Laura Jean, with Peter, with Josh, with everyone.  I felt Jenny Han had a really nice way of making us feel like we're Laura Jean.  I mean we all know a Genevieve (a mean popular girl or ex-friend), a Peter (an unbelievably gorgeous popular boy), Josh (the cute boy next door), Chris (the somewhat trashy, but lovable friend).  They're just all so real to me.

And I can't help but enjoying the fact that someone seems to get me!

It wasn't really a cliffhanger that ends on this huge moment of action, but it was more of a cliffhanger that doesn't give you a solid ending, and you're just itching to get your hands on a copy of the next book!