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Finding Yourself Books (Fall/Beginning of School Edition)

This is a list that consists of my top 5 finding yourself books that have to do with the beginning of a school year, or that I think are appropriate to be read at the beginning of a school year that will have an impact on the way people think.
Remember that a lot of these books can be read at any given time, and that they are all some of my favorite books of all time.
These are in a somewhat particular order, but many of them could be switched in positions depending on what part of the book I’m thinking about or my current mood.
So going from, not really least favorite to favorite because they’re all my favorite in one way or another. We’re going in order least influential, to most.



Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci
The character of Egg/Victoria was extremely inspiring to me because the entire story was like on long epiphany, in a less than 250 page novel. She really starts to take into consideration how her actions may affect the people around her. So many lessons and themes are packed into this short novel. It covers the issue of judging people, and so many more strong subjects.



Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
This novel deals with an issue that sometimes is overlooked, or sometimes not thought about, because I mean who could ever imagine that they would end up in the situation that main character Anabelle Green does?
This story is very true to the theme of finding yourself, and learning where you feel most comfortable and where you belong.
The book begins at the beginning of the school year, and walks through her struggle with this situation and how she learns to cope and overcome what people may thing about her.



Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
The plot of this story deals with some very heavy material. The subject of depression is very present throughout the entire book.
The main character is beginning freshman year and struggling to deal with an extremely difficult secret.
I think everyone who has started high school can deal with Melinda at one point or another, and anyone who has had depression definitely can. And that is why this novel has always been so high on my favorites list, because I have dealt with depression, and I read this before I did. So I had it with me the entire time to kind of help me along.
Melinda is just trying to make it through, she isn’t trying to be popular, she is just trying to survive.



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
This novel deals with less serious themes than the last couple of books.
The main character, Cather, suffers from many social anxieties, as I do, and is more comfortable in the online word, again, as am I. That’s why while reading this it was like it was happening to me.
Cather is beginning her first year of university and is sort of send out into the world of university by herself, having been somewhat abandoned by her twin sister Wren. She struggles to let go of her past and move on to becoming an adult.
I can relate to the fact that she is afraid to go to the lunch hall, and go anywhere that she absolutely doesn’t have to. Even in high school, I’m scared to death to go into the lunch room by myself, and I only go to the places that I absolutely have to go. Her anxieties are real to me, and her living in a fictional world, and hiding behind books, and writing is so much like me. (Fangirl Full Review)



The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
I know many schools have this novel down as required reading, but I read this on my own accord back in the eighth grade. I remember buying it because the book order said she wrote it when she was only sixteen, which I found pretty amazing regarding my love for writing.
This is, and forever will be, my favorite book of all time.
It just had such a psychological impact on me. After reading this less than 200 page book I was a different person. The quarrel between the Socials and the Greasers can be brought to a more everyday level, like between school cliques. Hinton points out the fact that everyone wants to be accepted and loved, despite who you are and what you’re born into. And I think that is just a beautiful observation. It’s a point that so many more people need to be aware, and considerate about.


So those are my favorite Finding Yourself Books (Fall/Beginning of School Edition)! I tried to keep this as nonspoiler as possible.