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I Am Now On a Book Buying Ban! (A Brief Update)

This wasn't by choice, but my mother has banned me from buying anymore books until Christmas. (Which these will be present, so I'm not even going to be buying them myself.)


But I do suppose she is right in saying that I need to read a bunch of books before I buy anymore, because over the summer I have bought an excessive amount of books! Though I did pay for all of these books myself, I do see where she is coming from in laying down this rule.  I need to start saving up for university, and a car if I want one someday, and just for the future.


This ban could be for the better though! This ban might cause me to read more books so that when the time comes that I am able to buy books again, I will have less books on my TBR list and my family will be more okay with my buying these books. (Because they do believe that I have too many books, and that I read too much.  Can you believe that?)


I'm going to try to get more book reviews written and video reviews posted in the months to come.  I really do think with school in I will be able to make more regular posts, just because I will have a daily schedule.  Does anyone else find that they can't get anything done in the summer time?  Because I get absolutely nothing done!


I'm going to start trying to post every week, and maybe even get up to a couple times a week!  I might start posting my Top Tens and Top Fives every once and a while, like on Thursdays.


I will also be posting a list of my favorite fall/autumn books, and maybe Halloween books on either here or Youtube, so keep your eyes peeled for that! (I'll obviously post the video on here if I do happen to make a video about these things)


Hope you're having a wonderful day, or night, or whatever it is where you are!