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Book Haul #1- August 2014

I bought four books this past week, not as m any as I usually buy but I was shopping with a friend and didn't want them to have to wait for hours while I read the back of every book!



 Take Me On - Katie McGarry  (Hardcover):

This is the fourth books in the Pushing the Limits companion series, which I have read the previous three in the series.  I am absolutely in love with the series, every central character is somehow psychologically disturbed, which is my favorite type of character.  I am super excited to get to this book.



Icons - Margaret Stohl (Hardcover):

All I know for sure about this book is that there are aliens, or something like that.  They invade the world and only who they want to gets to live, that's what I got from the summary.  I've seen some mixed reviews about this books, but after seeing it in the store I decided to pick it up.



We Were Liars - E. Lockhart (Hardcover):

I've heard it's better to go into this book not knowing anything.  So I haven't looked to much into this book, but there was a lot of hype regarding this book when it was first released.  As well, I've reads two of her Ruby Oliver books so I'm super excited about this novel.


Looking for Alaska - John Green (Paperback):

I don't know much about this novel, but I've seen a lot of hype about it on several social media sites so I picked it up, and it's John Green so...