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Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I picked up Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout because on Instagram someone was advertising that it was free on iBooks and I had been wanting to pick it up because one of my favorite BookTubers Sharon magnificentbooks raves about it, saying it’s her favorite series of all times. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to pick it up, and if I don’t like it I didn’t waste any of my money.

I adored it from the moment I began reading it. J.L.A didn’t waste any time in indtroducing the ever intriguing Daemon Black. Which I liked. With this type of novel (being paranormal romance) it doesn’t flow with the story to stuff a lot of world and character building into the very first. It needs to be distributed throughout the story, which was done very well here.
I’ve heard many people say it’s extremely, or too similar to Twilight. I didn’t find that at all. If you go into it trying to make it Twilight than yes you’re going to find many similarities. But this is paranormal romance, and it’s all somewhat similar in one way or another. Don’t try to project Twilight onto the story, they are both two very different, amazing books, but they don’t mix well together.
Anyways, I enjoyed all the characters in Obsidian, especially Daemon. He is now my new book boyfriend. I am in love! Back to my original train of thought… There’s usually that one character that everyone else seems to like (a parent, a sibling, a friends i.e. ) that I absolutely can’t stand. But that wasn’t the case with this book, and I am so glad. It’s disappointing to not be able to get truly invested in a book.
I love all of the little book blogging bits that are thrown in here and there. It’s nice that J.L.A recognises and understands her book community.
I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. I really feel like it’s going to be fun, and exciting, and heart wrenching at times, and I can’t wait!