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Winter by Marissa Meyer (Update)

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer

I've been working on this book for longer than I should be, but that isn't because I don't enjoy it.  I have loved everything about this book so far, for the most part.  I'm almost halfway through at this point, and I knew something was going to go down.  It seemed as if things were going right, and when things start to go right halfway though the book you know that soon some major stuff is going to go down.  

Where it is the last book, everything is starting to come together.  It has been sort of frustrating in the last two books when the P.O.V jumps all around, but now that the characters are mostly in one location we can focus on the one major plot rather than a bunch of different sub plots while trying to understand the main plot.  I like the focus of this novel.

I'm also having very mixed feelings about how I want things to turn out.  I'm kind of hoping that maybe Levana has some redeeming quality, and I know that that isn't something that most people are hoping for and looking at the nature of the novel I know she probably isn't going to have one of these moments.  I read Fairest in between Cress and Winter and now I'm sort of sympathetic towards Levana.  I don't believe that Fairest justifies her actions, but I do feel sorry for her.

I really have no idea how this story is going to wrap up but I'm really looking forward to it!