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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

I was slightly afraid but mostly excited going into this novel.

I didn't know how Scarlet could top Cinder, and I still don't think it did, but it isn't below Cinder.  I enjoyed them both equally.

I have to say that the ending of this book was more settling than the ending of Cinder, so in that way I enjoyed it more.  But while reading first books, there's always that nastalsia of reading about a new world, second books always lack that.

I was absolutely in love with all the Scarlet-Wolf scenes.  I love how protective of her he is, and how they just seem to click.  They're perfect for each other, in my opinion.

Thorne... He is very sarcastic, and funny, and charming, and an all around amazing character.  I think out of all the characters in this series so far her is my favorite.  Him and then Wolf.  I do love Cinder and Scarlet and Iko, but Thorne and Wold are just so lovely.

I think the pacing of this book was very well done, and the switching between perspectives, of scene changes would be a more accurate description.

The last book was more about Cinder's life, and the world revolving her.  But in Scarlet we really do get to see the bigger picture.  The plot and purpose of the series really becomes larger and more clear in this novel.

I hear Cress is supposed to be better than both Cinder and Scarlet, so I absolutely can't wait to read Cress and see more of the amazing Thorne.