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Allure by Lacey Weatherford

Allure - Lacey Weatherford

This book was nothing what I expected it to be like.  I had it in my mind that it was going to be a cheesy romance novel, which it was, but I was expecting it to be a little bit more... Toned down.

The novel started off how I expected it.  The girl and the guy secretly want each other but they can't be together because of their age and certain circumstances.  I was hoping for this to last longer.  But they both said screw it when the book was maybe a quarter of the way done.

Then the novel got really repetitive and there was a lot of... Intimate moments.  And they got really annoying.  I want a story that has more to the plot than just kissing and... other things.

The twist that the author tried to throw in at the end could have made for an interesting ending.  But instead the author practically cut the climax out.  It was like three or four chapters were missing.  She just said, this happened and that happened, I'm tired of writing anymore And they all lived happily ever after, but you would never know that because I cut that chapter out too!

I think giving the book 3/5 stars is a generous rating, but I'm giving it to it because there were enjoyable moments, and I did like the beginning.  I feel like all I did was say the negatives of this book, but I'm just so disappointed by the ending and I can't really bring myself to think about the positives of it.