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I Bought Books!! (Update)

So my book buying ban is officially over because my beautiful mother decided I had waited long enough and been patient long enough.  Her one condition was that I pay for it myself, which I most generally do.

So I ordered four books! Three hardcovers and one paperback! I'll be doing a haul when they come in.  I feel like it's only appropriate to wait until they arrive to write about the books that I got! 

But I'm so excited to get to finally get my hands on new books! And these hardcovers are going to be absolutely gorgeous!  I have been waiting to be able to get my hands on two of these books since January for one of these books and another one I've wanted since June, I haven't been able to find this books in stores in any of the months since.

So expect to see a haul or pictures on my Instagram in the next couple of weeks!